I mourned on my death

It wasn’t much of time neither much of age

When I saw myself standing on the stage

Wearing the faces of the faces I dint know

Let there be light and the darkness did grow

How often I look back at the Roller coaster ride

Perfectly dressed, wrapped in my pride

Do you see in me, does it gleam in my eye

Oh shout at me the silence don’t feel so shy

Caught amidst the known, the unknown did unveil

Laughing at my corpse I say Heil, o, heil

To those who did go and never looked back

I have it in my heart, a heart with a crack

To that I aspired I thought would be

Opened the cage of mind as my thoughts set free

They flew so high as high I couldn’t go

Down on earth I still dig reap and sow

Oh see how they fly to never return

When down here I cherished the marks of the burn

I read it in the books and believed in the calling

But I see myself, from the floor I am falling

I couldn’t be more than what I saw myself be

I look in the mirror and ask who is she

For the truth I professed

For the love I confessed

No one knew I was dead

So I mourned on my death

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