The loop un-looped

Woman she was, stood at the door of the prison

Prison it was that opened only for a reason

Reason to rob her off her own solitude

Solitude that caught her and called her a prostitute

Prostitute wasn’t she, the time shall be called so

So was her beauty in the darkness she did sow

Sow the seeds of her poison and pain

Pain that took away her tears in the rain

Rain that she saw only from the door

Door that was closed, took her to the far fetched floor

Floor where she danced until she bleed

Bleed and sob no one heard when she plead

Plead to life to see the open sky

Sky that wasn’t seen oh why oh why

Why did it happen was it her fate?

Fate and destiny couldn’t be seen so straight

Straight on the bed did lay her frozen self

Self that was burnt in the room on the shelf

Shelf where she kept her clothes and belonging

Belonging which seemed like a stranger every morning

Morning was monotonous as the sun did shine

Shine on the rooftop but she could never call it mine

Mine for her was only her pride

Pride that was untouched even when she went on a ride

Ride of her life that was pregnant with burden

Burden on herself she did bear to make it certain

Certain assurance to go where she came from

From the top of the hill, the sea and the silent storm

Storm inside her heart when she felt so cold

Cold was the body when screeching sun stood bold

Bold was her courage to never give up

Up in her mind she built dreams with a flooded cup

Cup filled with reality but knitting a beautiful life

Life that was hers when she be someone’s wife

Wife who could storm the citadel of old time prejudice

Prejudice that prevailed to never give her justice

Justice she screamed for when she knew world is stubborn

Stubborn was she too so was the vision of the woman

Woman she is standing at the door of the prison

Prison it is that will open one day without any reason

- Anubha Singh