A monstrous Assassination evokes a sympathy wave from a tormented nation.

Rajiv Gandhi(L), Indira Gandhi(C), Sanjay Gandhi(R)

Emancipated from their previous regime, the public at large was euphoric at having overthrown the corrupt and incompetent congress party and particularly it’s leadership. A rainbow coalition constituting regional satraps who emerged from the rank and file of political diaspora threatened to end the Gandhi Nehru dynasty for all time to come. News of members of Rajiv’s family packing off their valuables to Italy and planning themselves to flee if the results were to go south for them, were in the air. Sensing a whiff of an opportunity each…

Rise of Hindu Nationalism

Late Shri. Rajiv Gandhi Ji

The Charming Prince of India as he had successfully positioned himself, Rajiv Gandhi was quick to consolidate himself as a man of the masses and classes. His initial moves won him accolades from all sections including his opponents who were at the other end of the political spectrum and state election after election and by-poll after by-poll, the Congress party appeared to have developed a custom of winning elections. The prince charming had created a buzz around him of being somber, receptive, approachable and diplomatic. One cannot forget the gesture he had shown to Atal Bihari…

Rise of the Prodigal son

Late Shri Sanjay Gandhi (L) and Late Smt Indira Gandhi (R)

Soon after regaining a thumping majority in the polls, it was the general forgiven feeling that the Congress party led by Late Smt Indira Gandhi and Late Shri Sanjay Gandhi, were both destined to rule the party and government for long times ahead. Having created and re-created personality-driven politics, the congress party had entered into a comfort zone while the opposition was gasping for political space and leadership issues. The opposition had split and re-split after the defeat, and the Jan Sangh had withdrawn from the Janta Party and reformulated itself as the Bharatiya Janta Party. …

Extracting a serum for political resurrection

The newly elected Janta Party government, which had overthrown the mighty Indira & Sanjay Gandhi, and which bore a unique distinction of becoming the first non-Congress majority government post-independence witnessed a frenzied and self-destructive game being played out amongst the major stakeholders. The mass Euphoria of having attained an extraordinary victory was short-lived as with each passing day it was becoming profoundly evident that the structure created was rickety and destined to collapse, sooner than later.

Four major political parties Congress (o), Bharatiya Jan Sangh, Bharatiya Lok Dal, and Socialist parties merged with what…

Debilitating fortunes of a dynasty!

The basic mosaic of voting patterns from 1971 was challenged for the very first time in 1977 when the incumbent regime of Indira Gandhi was successfully challenged by a united opposition. Faltering by leaps and bounds Indira Gandhi amortised democracy as was known post-independence by imposing the draconian “Emergency”. The then President of India Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed, on a recommendation by Indira Gandhi, proclaimed emergency by invoking article 352 of the constitution of India on 25th June 1975. Indira through a broadcast by All India Radio, apprised the people of the suspension of their civil…

A journey of The Iron Lady in the era of 1971

Fresh out of school in 1988, being a total neophyte and desperate to become efficacious, I looked around to get a sense of the political paradigm around me. With the firm belief of making myself worthwhile during the animated yet entertaining political discussions that everyone around me was having, I quickly started joining in the conversations my elders were having, whether at home or at the tennis club that I used to frequent. With the risk of exposing my ignorance, I began to listen and strategically back the most…

Anubhav Poddar

Like to be well informed observer/thinker on politics and business. Make my ends meet by running an nbfc!

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