With pretty much everything going on with neural networks, it is high time to understand the logical intuitiveness with minimal math behind them.

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Machine learning is a field of study which focuses on the improvement of the performance measure through experiences for some specific tasks. With the introduction of LeNet-5 by Prof. LeCun on the classification of handwritten digits (MNIST) dataset in late 90s, people in research community came to an understanding that neural networks with more than one hidden layers can achieve state of the art (SoTA) results (which was a thought not much appreciated by researchers back then). …

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This article will help you develop an intuition-based understanding of Goal-Oriented Dialogue Generation in dialogue systems, with Few-Shot training and Knowledge Transfer Networks.

To be specific, we’ll learn about an unsupervised discrete sentence representation learning method that can integrate with any existing encoder-decoder dialogue model, for interpretable response generation using a minimal amount of data that is not annotated.

Why Few-Shot Learning?

Deep Neural Networks have proved to be successful in data-intensive applications. …

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You should never underestimate the power of self healing. Mind always finds the path to pacify. It possess powers which can’t be even imagined.

What’s wrong with you right now? Probably you’re one those of people who want to achieve their primary goal of happiness, but feel like the world is against you right now and it is never going to make your path favorable. Or maybe you’re one of those who are finding even a slightest of positive hope to continue living your life.

Never forget you’re the most powerful element of your life story. Your biography is going to be revolving around you. …


Anubhav Sachan

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