Who are WE ?? What are WE ??

A human being, quite obvious answer.. but where we are and how we emit or transmit our energy actually decides who are WE..

Making it more precise.. When you’re at home, you’re a sister/brother/son/daughter/mother/father/husband/wife.. When you’re at school, you’re a Student/Friend/Teacher.. When you’re at office, you’re an employee/boss.. When you’re buying a ticket, you’re a common man.. When you’re at Hospital, you’re a Patient/Praying for your loved ones..

Do you see??

We become or adapt ourselves according to the environment we’re in.. How we behave is according to the people around us or at the place we’re right now.

Lets dive into a deeper sea..

Actually, we’re what lessons our past had taught, what kind of experiences we had been through, our maturity, our thinking level, our way of understanding others, our behavior and what not.. We have become or what we gonna become all depends on the time you had been through or being through. 
The surroundings you are getting involved into, the things that matters to us, the vibes around us, the things that makes us feel happy,…,..

We start expecting from others in the way our past experiences had been unknowing of this fact that everyone has not been through the same experiences and not even our siblings or the closed ones at our home have been through..

Our actions determine what we are expecting from others..
Its just a business we’re doing with the people around us.. Business in terms of only one Deal.. Deal includes help, wishes or desires, feelings, sympathy, empathy, gladdening, to lighten the mood, love,…,.. and the list goes on..
Now its upon you how BIG you want your BUSINESS to be.. More precisely how much VALUE you create or you do have..

At the end of the day, what WE are ?? A Business Deal.

Lets touch the bottom of the sea..

No one’s gonna give you a shit to you if you are of no use to the other person until and unless you make others believe whatever you’re, you’re worth it.

Simply, make an OFFER that they cannot refuse if you want your Business to be successful. Otherwise, be YOURSELF and gamble yourself with whether you gonna “hit a bulls-eye” or you gonna get “No Fucks to give” in return.. more precisely fulfill the temporary demands of the customer and after sometime, let them throw you into the trash.

Choose wisely between an OFFER and being YOU.

Remember, its all about how you want your Life to be.. Make yourself feel better and better by making an offer or take a risk of living by being yourself..

YOU get to DECIDE who YOU are.