Apple then & now.

Simplicity, Clarity, Focus, Harmony was conspicuous in the products, services, software that Apple delivered.When Steve Jobs returned to Apple in 1997, he once again showed to the world, he was a man of simplicity.

He had the ability of taking decisive actions that would make him unpopular but at the same time, make Apple popular in its long run. He had the courage of streamlining the product line reducing it from a mammoth 350 to simply 10 products.

It is said what people create is an extension of themselves. He embedded simplicity deep into the DNA of Apple. Sir Jonathan Ive still continues that legacy of simplicity through his design that has been an inspiration for many.

Apart from him and his design, others at Apple might still say “quality over quantity”, “not to be the first but to be the best”. But Somehow i have began to doubt.

In October 22,2013 Tim Cook said very publicly “Our competitors are confused.They are trying to make tablets into computers and computers into tablets.But we have a very clear direction”. Does iPad pro really justify it?

Tim Cook explaining that Apple’s competitors are confused.

Come to September,2015 event and you will have the answer.Well before you jump at me and say it is still a tablet, i agree that it is a tablet but somehow you cannot snatch away the matter of fact,it's a tablet trying to be a computer. Philip Schiller said it is “the ultimate PC replacement”. It is Apple’s direct answer to Microsoft’s Surface Pro.They added everything that a surface Pro had from a physical keyboard to a stylus. But yes with Apple’s touch of branding and marketing strategy. Veraciously, Old wine in a New bottle. A stylus became an Apple Pencil! It is the same Apple under Steve Jobs. “Who wants a stylus?Yachh!!! Nobody wants a stylus”.

It doesn't end here.When you look at the current line up it becomes more clear that Apple is struggling in it current renaissance. It is somehow getting sandwiched between the legacy,values Steve Jobs had established and the ever changing market along with its current crop of competitors.It is not the competitors but Apple who is lacking a clear focus.

  • There is an iPad Pro, there is an iPad Air and then, there is an iPad mini.

Does so many iPads really help, or they are competing among themselves?

  • A MacBook and a MacBook Air.

Things don’t stop here. It’s just not the hardware. It applies to software as well. iTunes in macOS is the strongest evidence.It’s a cluttered mess. It is a hodgepodge of itunes music store, apps, movies, Apple music. Too many things bundled into one.

It all substantiates to one thing. All is not well at Apple. Everything is not ironed and buttoned up.Tim Cook has very well adapted the mocking nature of Steve Jobs but has failed to stand up to his own words and principles established by his predecessor.

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