GoIbibo is GST Ready
Sailendra Kumar


GoIbibo is not GST ready and is misguiding travellers like us. GST on hotel booking needs to be paid to hotel.

Here are the issues, please guide me on solutions.

  1. How will I get GST credit, if I pay GST at hotel ?

A fair assumption is that Hotels should take my business’s GSTN and enter it into their system.

However, Hotels are not aware of the process and sometimes they insist on putting GST number of GoIBIBO than my business. Other times they just refuse to enter my business’s GSTN.

Request is that atleast GOIBIBO should put an advisory to hotels on process of accounting for GST for business travellers.

Another request is that GOIBIBO being a tech savvy company, you can take the GSTN of hotels and build in the crediting mechanism at GOIBIBO’s end. You did the same thing for service tax. So it is a fair ask from us business travellers.

Please note that looking at GST guidelines to claim reverse charge, this is mandatory


Please provide the breakup of IGST/CGST/SGST, given the nature of service