We are all particles. We bond.

We are all particles in the universe, don’t take yourself too seriously. This I heard last week.

Got me thinking, if this is so, what kind of a particle would I be. Not that it matters. But for musings' sake.

Contextual information, after a long period of singlehood, I am getting married. And also I am between jobs, so a little time to think is available at discount.

So, let’s say we are atoms. We have a tightly bound nucleus of our being and then electrons of thoughts circling it. The mass of nucleus and configuration of electrons defines our character.

And then we bond. As true atomic particles we have some empty shells. We bond with other particles … ionic or covalent. Ionic by strong force of attraction or covalent by a need of sharing.

After a short thought, I like to identify myself as a frizzy gas. I know why I am getting married. I just found another particle with whom I could share my unpaired electrons and exist in covalence. Covalent bonds are pretty stable !!