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5 Must Have Kurtas In Your Wardrobe.

Summer body is a myth (you say summer i hear ice cream) and so are summer styles: rompers, vests, summer dresses etc, as our mind picture us rocking the whole “summer ensemble”, lets face it they are not the most practical outfits at times. (Do not get me started on the rompers). Its been a debate since stone age that what do one choose “comfort over style or vice versa”. Lets talk about comfort first what is the common choice of outfit in this scotching heat, especially for us Indians, no points for guessing “KURTAS” a loose hung long top/shirt.

One might not necessarily perceive it as fashion forward, because its more of a wardrobe basic than a style addition, but what if I tell you, you can design your own kurtas and sell it too, or choose from an exclusive range of kurtas from Redesyn’s collection.

Redesyn is one of a kind platform for customers to shop from a range of products such as tops, vests, t shirts, jeggings, kurtas, tote bags etc. All created by different designers and artists .And their kurta collection really caught my eye, for a much needed change, they have incorporated quirky fresh designs and colors which blends perfectly with the versatility of kurtas that is.

Here are my top 5 picks from their collection.

  1. Quirky Bicycle Men’s Printed Kurta, By: Loca Siopa ( for Redesyn.
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2. Cupid Men’s Printed Kurta, By Siddesh Gautam ( for Redesyn.

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3.Quirky Pineapple in Triangle Men Printed Kurta, By: Loca Siopa ( for Redesyn.

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4.Quirky Tuk Tuk Men’s Printed Kurta, By Loca Siopa ( for Redesyn.

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5.Quirky Auto Men’s Printed Kurta, By Loca Siopa ( for Redesyn.

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But you can also select from a plethora of choices of vibrant colors and quirky prints from their website, whichever is more you.

As for the artists it seem like a brilliant platform to showcase and market your skills and creativity, your design could become the next big trend. Visit the link to learn more

Happy creating/shopping! :)