Business Analytics is often misunderstood with Data Analytics and the sole reason for this article is to bust this myth and educate our avid readers about the exact role of an individual pursuing a career in business analytics.

Definition: What is Business Analytics?

Business Analytics is a process that is carried out to understand business performance, gain insights from it, and then implement it in driving business ahead. The vital thing here is that business analytics focuses on a data-driven approach instead of just making decisions based on experience. …

A beginning step is bound to create a lot of bewilderment in someone who is just out of college or looking to explore other career options. However, every expert was once a novice. Let us clear this at the very beginning that a person does not necessarily need a computer science bachelor’s degree to learn any programming language or even think of pursuing a career in data science. In today’s world, efficiency has no bounds and learning is limitless.

Data Science has become the talk of the town recently, especially after a huge amount of data is being generated every…

What is the point of analyzing data? Well, I am sure I am not the first person to think about it. We all have been contributing through our data to a single community which I would preferably like to call as “technology” ever since we have started giving out information for our own benefits. Think of the time you enrolled your name in a primary school for the first time, or even before that, your birth certificate being made. We realize or not, data has been our forever constant. …

Anubinda Dash

I have a desire to learn the logic applied to technology which drives the world ahead.

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