What no iPhone review tells you

And why android kicks iOS’ a**

I’ve been an android user for the past 4 years, and I tried an iPhone (6+) for the first time after reading and watching tonnes of textual and video reviews. It seemed like a good phone in the reviews and now its been about a month since I have been using it. However, I feel extremely frustrated with the iOS experience. Below are some points which I feel, make iOS look decades behind Android.

1. Notifications

iOS : Notifications from different apps behave differently. And, notification behave differently on lock screen vs. notification center. For example, on a locked screen, swiping a notification from a usual app will result in unlocking the phone and opening that app, whereas swiping a miss call notification on lock screen results in calling that person, AND you just can’t swipe notifications on notification center. Clearing all notifications at once is not possible at all.
Android : Notifications behave all the same. You swipe to hide them, and tap to open them. Ditto for notification on lock screen. Clear all notifications with a single tap.

2. Dialer

iOS : There are 5 different screens to access Favourites, Recent calls, All Contacts, Keypad and Voicemail. And iOS has a silly habit of remembering the last viewed screen for even the dialer app, so it doesn't start from Favourites every time, it will start from your last viewed screen. Super-irritating!
Android : While there are separate screens for Recent calls and All Contacts, android does bake the search contact, last call, favourites and keypad into a single screen. This screen also acts as the dialer home every time you open the dialer app.

3. Wifi

iOS : It might be just me, but I have had instances where my new iPhone won't connect to my home wifi automatically. Highly irritating whenever that happens.
Android : No such problem faced.

4. Notifications and Apps not in sync

iOS : Again, I don't know if something is wrong with my particular device or if it is an actual flaw, but most of the times, app notifications appear before the app itself has got the content. For example, there will be a whatsapp notification, and when I open whatsapp, the message will appear after a delay of few seconds. Happens with most of my apps all the time (Viber, FB, LinkedIn etc.)
Android : No such problem.


iOS : Downloads get interrupted if screen is off. Super super super irritating.
Android : No such problem.

6. Watching videos (Movies, TV series etc.)

iOS : Any media transfer happens via iTunes only. And you have to convert the video into an MP4 format first. Good luck with having the patience for converting all the MKV and AVI formats floating around the internet. Its silly to force that upon its users. There are workarounds but they feel quite laborious.
Android : Just plug the data chord, transfer video files to the phone and play via built in video player or VLC player (Hint: There is no VLC player for iOS either)

7. Live caller ID (Truecaller etc.)

iOS : No support.
Android : Apps like Truecaller are able to take benefit of open-source nature of android to provide live caller ID functionality. I’d almost forgot what it was like to pick a call without a name to it, i.e. until iPhone reminded me.

8. Auto-brightness (the battery sucker)

iOS : I don't understand why the option for toggling auto-brightness is not there in the control center. Any UX guy can tell this feature is required in the control center.
Android : You can easily control auto vs. manual brightness from android’s control center and maximize the battery run for the day. Although it does require an extra step when compared to iOS, it doesn’t really feel laborious.

9. Folders (Group of apps)

iOS : If an app is grouped inside a folder, you can’t return from the app to home in a single click. You need 2 (or 3) clicks on the home button. In the first click, you return to the folder containing the app. In the second click you return to screen which contains that folder. If this screen is not your homescreen, then it will take one more click to reach there.
Android : You tap the home button, you reach home.

10. Music sharing

iOS : Doesn’t allow music sharing because it makes money on purchases via iTunes.
Android : Allowed me to be happy sharing my favourite songs with my loved ones.

Together, all these things result in an extremely poor user experience since most of these actions happen multiple times throughout a day.

The only thing I find better in iPhone is max volume of the phone and finger-print technology which is quite convenient for all things private. In all other departments, iPhone lacks horribly behind android, specially UX of iOS. I haven’t even mentioned about android features like widgets, custom launchers, google now etc.

Hope this long review will help anyone considering an iPhone make an informed purchase.