Playtime 2015 — most joyful I’ve ever been

The author in the middle on June 27, 2015 — first day of Playtime 2015 festival ground.

The earliest Playtime that I have attended was the 2006 one in Amazon Palace (correct me if I am wrong). Since then the festival has changed quite a lot in its organization, audience and artists. Also I’d consider myself changed along with it (well, I grew up).

When the dates of this year’s festival was announced — June 27–28 — people could not have been more skeptical saying that it was too early in the year and the weather would be awful. Turns out, there couldn’t have been a greater weather to have an open-air festival on a campground. 23–25°C in late June — that’s the way it should go.

June 27, 2015 — south to Hotel Mongolia’s campground. Picnic before the festival.

Me and my companion were lucky enough to have friends who are hospitable enough to invite us to their pre-festival barbecue picnic beside the venue. Even though I’ve felt as if I was intruding over something I was not a part of the organization (I didn’t pitch in financially because the occurrence was unknown), I had a great experience with my former colleagues. This should be done again this summer and I’ll definitely pitch in (if they tell me about it). It’s friends who make these occasions even more joyful.

Finally, I’ve got a henna tattoo on my hand. Wanted to have one of these done temporarily for quite a while

This year, Unitel (Mongolian carrier) had a tent — Green Time — for its users to use up their GG bonus points on services such as henna and merchandise from it’s choosing. I had over 800GGs left in my account before it was stolen and I have 53GGs left now because the one who stole it used about 800GGs. (damn you!)

Most of all, it is great to go to a festival with someone you have same interest and someone you care about.