Y Combinator

I am incredibly excited to announce that I will be joining YC as a Partner in its growth-stage Continuity fund. YC’s prestigious accelerator program — widely regarded as the best in the world — is well known for enabling great startup founders to find and build the right product-market fit that then becomes the foundation for great companies.

Yet, leaving an amazing place like a16z is bittersweet. Two years ago, Jeff Jordan took a chance by hiring someone with no “valley” experience, from New York (gasp!) — not to mention 6 months pregnant with her first baby — to help invest in consumer internet businesses. He has not only been an incredible coach and mentor, but a strong advocate for me both within and outside the firm. Shana Fisher has also been a strong guiding force for me, and I am forever grateful to them both for their support and mentorship. Also special thanks* to Chris Dixon for his consistently thoughtful feedback, and Ben and Marc for the intense debates, that helped me analyze businesses even better — and resulted in learnings that we’ve been able to share with the rest of the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

While at a16z, I had the privilege of working with a number of portfolio companies and the YC partners. The one thing that stood out for me in all those interactions was the strength of those founders, and the guidance and mentorship they continued to receive from not just the current YC partners but from the broad alumni network even after they had graduated from the program. It’s a network and platform unlike anything else.

Which is why I am so excited, inspired by, and humbled at the opportunity to help support amazing entrepreneurs via YC’s growth fund. I can’t wait to help grow — with Ali Rowghani, Sam Altman, and the rest of the YC team — the Continuity program and the companies of tomorrow. Onwards!

*There are too many people to list in my acknowledgements here — but I would also like to thank Frank Chen and my colleagues on the a16z deal team, as well as Margit Wennmachers and Sonal Chokshi for their insight, support, and guidance. I am forever grateful for the chance to have built lifelong friendships with so many amazing people!