Builders of single family homes/multifamily projects

Anuima was founded in 1987 in Mataro, as a company dedicated to the promotion, construction and sale of properties in Catalonia.

Since then we have not stopped working and managing projects throughout the entire Catalan community, casting houses as using designs and sketches and doing all kinds of work, reform and construction in homes, workplaces and in shopping centers.

The high degree of commitment with all our customers, with the enthusiasm and daily effort we have spent over the last 28 years, have allowed us to be recognized today as one of the companies most solid and reliable construction sector.

What have we done?

Development, construction and sale of multi-family residential buildings.

Construction and sale of houses.

Construction of townhouses.

Construction of commercial premises.

What do we build?

New building of local and single and multi-family homes.

Construction of spaces and shopping centers.

Works of comprehensive housing reform.

Construction, alteration and maintenance offices, offices and shops.

What do we offer?

Previous visits, drafts and free estimates.

Writing custom construction or renovation projects.

Management building permits.

Construction contracts with fixed prices and deadlines.

Prices competitive and adequately disaggregated.

Construction (brick, concrete, iron, wood and stone) traditional work.

Maximum hourly adaptation to full compatibility with your business.

Service urgent repairs.


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