How to integrate Elastic Search with MongoDB
Gennaro Varriale

Thanks for providing all this details, I have followed all the steps given along with mongo-connector and elastic_doc_manager with this command:

mongo-connector — auto-commit-interval=0 -m localhost:27017 -t localhost:9200 -d elastic_doc_manager — oplog-ts oplogstatus_new.txt

it starts fetching data for few collections and then stop, i am getting following error message in the mongo-connector log:

[ERROR] mongo_connector.oplog_manager:678 — OplogThread: Failed during dump collection cannot recover! Collection(Database(MongoClient(host=[‘localhost:27017’], document_class=dict, tz_aware=False, connect=True, replicaset=u’rs0'), u’local’), u’’)

2017–11–23 19:18:29,107 [ERROR] mongo_connector.connector:398 — MongoConnector: OplogThread <OplogThread(Thread-3, started 123145477734400)> unexpectedly stopped! Shutting down

can you please suggest?

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