How to Improve Customer Engagement in E-commerce

Consumers have a wide range of options if they have to purchase online. If your company is not the one who can grab their attention in the small period they are searching online, they will move on without another thought. Here are few ways recommended by digital marketing Bangalore experts to get and keep your customers engaged.

• Clustering your Products the Right Way

Cater to your audiences’ desires by adding a byte of reality that usually comes with when you buy from a brick and mortar store. Clustering products that wouldn’t usually sit together in navigation or in stores is an excellent way to add a human touch to your merchandizing experience. This exercise can be easily used to cross-sell and encourage your visitors to look at other products. For instance, in case of an apparel store; you could be selling a complete outfit with shoes than an individual item.

• Content is Still King

A large number of experts in digital marketing Mumbai will advocate the importance of content in commerce. Often termed as “lifestyle content” this refers to stores generating complementing content that helps push their sales. For instance, online grocery stores post recipes and apparel stores post look-books by designers all with the aim to sell their core products.

• Write Compelling Product Descriptions for your Audience

When creating PD copies for your website, make sure you sell the benefits and not the features. Make effective use of category pages to gain an SEO advantage. Include some spark in your copy where appropriate. Whatever you do, make sure you know who you audience is and who you are speaking with.

• Highlighting the Value Proposition

As an e-commerce store, offering a value proposition is critical. Your design will be able to help give your audience an impression on the quality of your products and encourage them to explore some more.

• Using a Product Video

Many retailers find that product videos boost conversion rates. A product video is a great way to present a richer and more persuasive product page. A number of apparel stores for instance are creatively using short product videos to showcase their pieces on models.

• Customer Reviews

Customer reviews are more powerful than you can imagine and are thus often found employed on more than one marketing channel. Within en e-commerce website they can be presented in a variety of ways. Popular ones include in the form of product filters ( X number of ratings); on the store-finder page where you can highlight the quality of service to expect; product listings and product pages. These can be all the more powerful when used along with a thumbnail of the reviewer.

In addition to this, a great way to engage with your e-commerce audience is by sprucing up your browsing experience. By innovatively using navigation tools, site search options and other design variables you can influence how your users engage with your website. Finally, integrating social media into your overall plan is like an icing on top. With sure shot engagement opportunities, you can bring about a significant change in your bottom line by using these tools smartly.

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