How Will Black Hat Social Media Impact Your SEO

Black hat social media is a new and emerging technique in unethical SMM that has taken over the web. This not only impacts the sites, but also the users and the businesses that intend to leverage these websites for promotional purposes.

What is Black Hat SMM?

In simple words, this is an attempt to exploit social media tools for some form of gain employing methods that do not adhere to the guidelines provided by the website. Classical examples include –

• Purchasing fake likes, +1s, and YouTube subscribers from click farms
• Sharing hyperlinks that may risk your computer’s security
• Using programs to automate following and un-following of accounts
• Creation of fake social media profiles with an intention to comment, like, share and accumulate information.
• Writing fake negative reviews on competitor websites and pages along with positive reviews for yourself.
• Securing social network accounts with names of competitors, getting a rank on search engines and posting negative comments.

How does this Impact SEO?

A leading question raised by experts in SEO Leeds is, how can all of this impact your SEO? In the case of buying fake likes, shares and followers for instance, it is known that search engines also read social signals even if they are not necessarily a direct linking factor. Inflating your likes and shares can falsely inflate the level of authority you content projects.

Similarly, it is possible for people to create fake accounts and operate under an alias. If a fake account created by your competitor outranks your own web pages, this can significantly hurt your online reputation.

An extremely common black hat technique employed by businesses pursuing unethical practices is the use of fake reviews. Someone will simply leave a fake negative review about your business on a public forum and it will stay around for weeks to come. This can significantly hurt your business, especially if the review ends up getting a good ranking. Potential customers are driven away by being exposed to this review on web search.

What does this mean for the Future of SEO?

The rise in use of social media as a marketing tool is reason enough to be worried about how misuse of these tools can ruin otherwise decent brands. Many SEO Services Leeds speculate that social media shares, interactions and likes will become more and more important in the future of optimization.
As a company, you can help reduce the number of unethical practices online.

• Wherever possible, if you suspect any form of unethical activity make sure you mark it as spam. Most social platforms provide the feature to users who wish to mark content as spam.

• Get in touch with a legal team if you feel that you have a legitimate claim against a specific business or social media account.

• Make it a point to report spam on Google. If something that is ranked and is known to be spam, the web spam reporting form can be handy.

By sticking to your personal ethical standards as a business, you will be able to survive all kinds of threats coming your way.

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