3 Hacks To Improve Your Digital Marketing ROI By 25%


· Facebook Ads


· Twitter

These are the primary facets of Digital Marketing Strategy for most of us. If these are set up correctly, then we start yielding good results and most of us feel that the task is done.

But what if you were told that 3 small hacks can help you increase the ROI of Digital Marketing spends by 25%? Let us see how:

#1 Personalized ads

Show ads as per user behavior. For a person who has mostly browsed or purchased items that cost less than Rs. 2,000; showing him/her an ad of an item worth 10,000 or above would be a waste and vice-versa. Facebook Dynamic Product Ads, Google’s Dynamic Remarketing Ads are such formats that help your ads become more personal. This will increase your ROI by up to 15%.

#2 Tonality matters

An 18 year old is attracted by more casual lingo while a 40 year old would prefer semi-sophisticated lingo.

For instance, “Hey Bangalore! Are you looking for heart-stopping offers? Make a dash for these fantabulous places, peeps!” will appeal to the younger audience. On the contrary, “Get the best offers in Bangalore at these amazing places” will appeal more to a 35+ year old person.

Make sure your ad copies are in tune with this. It will improve the CTR of your ads, helping you yield up to additional 5%.

#3 Keep variations, be consistent

Ad creatives are subjective. It is not necessary that what appeals to you, will appeal to others as well. In order to find the perfect fit and consistency in the campaign, run 3–4 variations of your ad. Just keep in mind that you have all the permutations and combinations covered. It will help you identify what is working and what is not. Then scale up the ads that are performing well and pause the ones that are not. This should improve your ROI by another 5%.

So just to summarize:

1. Personalized ads: up to 15% improvement in ROI

2. Correct Tonality: up to 5% improvement in ROI

3. Ad variations: up to 5% improvement in ROI