Ultimate Guide to managing media in iPhone


“ A follower of the Apple cult regardless of the usefulness or real worth of the product. Believes with without question the cult propaganda which installs the almost mythological belief that what they have just bought is the fastest or most user friendly product ever, only to be re-sold the same product, with a few minor tweaks, a few months later with the same rhetoric and complete disregard for reality.”

Oh come on! I had to put this picture

Oh let’s start. I’m getting a feeling that this will be a long post..

This is my second post regarding iPhone.

About me:

I was a long time hard core Android user specialized (i would say) in rooting and Android customization. The more and more deep you go into the root world the more and more you understand how the whole memory management in Android works (CPU Governors and I/O Schedulers). This is the problem, my opinion is Android needs to change the way things work and people like Samsung should not force their own rules when it comes to I/O Schedulers… You know this should be a separate article. Anyway Android user then bought the iPhone 6S. There now you’re updated about me.

Now we can move on…

WARNING: You have to buy third party software if you keep reading this article!

Okey so managing ANY sort of media is a nightmare in iOS. I understand the security bla bla where Apple doesn’t give access to it’s folders but this it’s stupid and not practical (especially if you’re a former Android user who’s used to the freedom of Android)

What annoys me the most is NOBODY SEEMS TO CARE ABOUT THESE LIMITATIONS. I guess that’s what being “Apple user” is all about. Apple says no, you agree without any questioning. (iSheep)

Anyway let’s start. Here are the workarounds I found for most issues.

SONGS — Managing iTunes

DISCLAIMER: This is for those who don’t buy songs from iTunes.

Let’s be honest no one buys songs. Like EVER! If you’re one of those keep on reading, others please leave i’m not interested in the ethical bla bla.

Or just buy the damn songs! But not me.

Managing your songs is a nightmare, even in Android, but since you have access to the folder structure in Android you can just make folders and organize your songs (One of the perks of Android).

For Apple users here’s the flexibility of Android:

In my S4 all my main songs were in my SD card, specifically in “Folder 1” and “Folder 2”

Now, when comes to Apple you need iTunes which requires all your meta data correctly (You can have songs but again this is about managing songs)

Solution: TuneUp

This is an life saving software! Not only did it help me with my whole song situation it actually made me clean up my whole song collection.

How you do it is simple, download and give access via iTunes. Then drag and drop your mp3 to iTunes and then iTunes to TuneUp. TuneUp will automatically find all your meta tag information:

Example: How TuneUp works
Download the UK top 40 torrent and TuneUp will sort the albums

Pro tip: If TuneUp can’t find the album, Google (Wiki) and add the album name manually, this will help TuneUp to get the rest of tags.

My iTunes library ^-^

Important things to remember

Don’t drag and drop all the songs to TuneUp. Do then gradually. Like if you have full albums which you have download, start with them. Then go song by song. (TuneUp says it can manage your whole collection but in my experience it messes up things here and there, i normally add 5 songs per time and update the tags)

WOLA! Everything is now organized perfectly!

Cracking and buying the software

I tried to crack this software many times it works sometimes but then TuneUp releases a new update and the crack no longer works (and have a fairly quick update schedule). So try your best to crack and tell me if you succeed.

When buying the software, download the trial version first and after some time they will popup a banner saying 50% off if you upgrade. That’s when i bought it. So don’t buy the software first, download the trial then get the offer.


None of these works as good as TuneUp, but hey! try them and see for yourself.

MusicBrainz Picard
Jaikoz — for the geeks it’s purly written in Java!
MediaMonkey — This is worst than iTunes. Don’t ever try this !!

This can be useful to any Android or iOS or anyone who likes there song collection.


Ready for this? 3 .. 2 .. 1 ..

You can’t copy pictures from your PC to iPhone!
“Wait.. What??”
“I don’t know what this meme is called”

You can sync pictures via iTunes but the problem is you can’t do anything to those pictures. (You can’t delete, You can edit but that makes a copy of the picture which makes no sense to me. Why can’t i just copy my pictures?)

Again Apple claims it’s related to security. Apparently your pictures can contain viruses? (Google and see you can find some wild theories out there)

Let me explain how the Gallery works in iOS:

iPhone albums work differently. Your photos are only actually stored in only one album — the Camera Roll album. Even if you add a photo to another album, there is actually only one copy of that image file on your iPhone.

So the problem is organizing stuff. In Android you can select the pictures you want from Camera album and move them to a different album. So now if you go back to Camera album you have the rest of the unmoved pictures. But in iPhone you can’t do those since there is no move/copy/cut concepts in Gallery. It just references the pictures here and there.

A picture stolen from the internet.. well simply because i can’t show you my Gallery :P

So back to my problem the

only solution i found (which works so far is)

You have to buy this app

Now the reason I bought this app was it does what I want (95%)

Ok now the technical stuff coming in… 3. 2. 1..

What this fellow does is, it creates a local wifi network so your PC and your phones are in the same network.

What also works is you can upload all your pictures to DropBox or Google Drive and download them through iPhone (which i’m sure what everyone does) and this app does the same. It transfers all your picture from your PC to the “Camera roll” album of your phone. NOW you can do what ever you want with your pictures:

You have upload picture to your excising albums

I’m still not comfortable with this approach but for the time being this helps my situation. I’m trying my best to get around stuff without jailbreaking. Which i’ll do soon…

(Even currently i’m transferring my screenshots using this app which I use in this article)


This was surprisingly easy! Just open the PDF in Safari (Share -> open in Safari) and

“Save PDF to iBooks”


This was a dead end for me.

But i’ll tell you how to get that working also.

1 download a file browser

2 hook up the phone to PC and open iTunes

You can add what ever the file type you want.
“Not bad eh ?”

But the problem is this, what ever the pictures or PDF or what ever you add here, iPhone has no idea about it. Meaning the pictures won’t show on your Gallery app. This is good for offline managing stuff like Microsoft Word and stuff but you’re better off using Google Drive or SkyDrive (or OneDrive what ever Microsoft uses.. ya that one)


I hope this article helps someone out there, especially if you’re planing to switch to Apple but here’s the thing. I know according to this article iPhone is stupid but the reason i switch to Apple is still solid.

  • I got 3 software updates (9.0.1, 9.0.2, 9.1)
  • Performance is snappy no lags what so ever
  • And day-to-day stuff (managing social media) is easy in iPhone

What “Grinds my gears” is that every one of my Apple using friends have given up. Either they don’t listen to songs, or uses YouTube or there was this one guy (a long time Apple user), the requirement of ‘managing my gallery’ has never occurred to him. or something.

Maybe it’s my fault, my obsessive need to know how things work might work for Android but not for Apple.

Oh well…

Tell me what you think about this article. I’m sure hard core Android fans are over the moon after reading this article but hey, i still thinks iOS is better :)