Pride 2016

It’s pride week and this year it feels more important than ever to stand up for those persecuted for something as simple loving someone. Luckily this is also a year where Americans can make a decision to keep moving in the right direction. As a straight non-American it’s incredibly tough for me to make an impact but I’d like you to think hard about the current political situation before making your decision.

It is beyond infuriating to think that there is a major party in the first world who would rather regulate marriage among adults rather than regulate who owns a tool of destruction. A party that will regulate which bathroom one can go to but not regulate a financial industry that destroyed the economy. A group of people who are willing to take away one’s rights for being the person they want to be rather than give the right of healthcare to millions who don’t have access to it. A team of people who will tell you that there are studies against LGBT parents but will ignore studies of climate change and disallow studies for gun control.

This year please do what it takes to vote for love and progress. You may not be happy with the candidate and you may not agree on everything, but it’s far better than the alternative.