If you’re reading this article, I’m sure you are someone who works in the realm of design. You know the importance of a design portfolio and getting feedback about it every now and then.

In my design experience, I have gotten my portfolio reviewed at least by 10 professionals. The reviews definitely helped me learn a lot about my work and at the same time, it helped me realize that it is my responsibility to make the most out of these sessions.
One needn’t go through 10 reviews to realize this! Therefore, I decided to write this article.

Be prepared…

Hey Roomie- an app for roommates

How it all started
The idea for this app came to me from my experience of living with roommates for over 6 years while I was studying my undergrad and grad. During that time no apps existed which would make communication easier. We would have to communicate with each other in person, that is whenever the other person was around. At times, I personally found that certain conversations such as sharing chores or managing finances can get awkward and I always wished that there was a better way of discussing things.

I enrolled for The UC San Diego Certificate in…


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