My fitness apps think I am cycling (I’m not)

TL;DR Fitness apps and my Pebble mistake a motorcycle ride home as a fitness activity. This is a quick bug report.

Some context — I live in India. Motorcycles/mopeds/scooters are pretty common here. I own one and use it to commute everyday.

Speed, location and time

Considering my most common route, I travel

  • Through traffic — typical speed would be 30–40 kmph
  • A plain, open road — where my speed reaches upwards of 60 kmph
  • Through traffic — typical speed would be 30–40 kmph

The total distance covered is a little shy of 12km. It takes me something between 20 to 25 mins to cover this everyday.


Considering the traffic and roads in India, one tends to travel with quite a few intermittent stops. I tend to carry my phone in my left forward pocket. When I stop/slow down my motorcycle, I usually put one or both of my legs on the floor to give additional support. This motion is quite similar to pedalling a bicycle. Of course this is not as common as actual pedalling.

Things that could help

Following are some of the data sources that could potentially help to eliminate this false positive —

  • Heart rate monitor
    I am using the Pebble Time, which does not come with a heart rate monitor. A fitness band with one could probably be a better fit?
  • Smarter motorcycle
    Even a simple beacon on my otherwise analog motorcycle could help my fitness apps identify my method of travel.

The apps here are Google Fit and Pebble, both of which I use regularly.