GirlScript Summer of Code (GSSoC) — 2018

Anuj goyal
Aug 20, 2018 · 2 min read
Photo by NESA by Makers on Unsplash

I am Interested in Open Source contribution from long back,but not able to start as it’s not much beginner friendly.I started searching about how t get stated with open Source and finally land to GirlScript Summer of Code .I read all about it.I was amazed to see that they are accepting participants of all level from beginner to expert.Without even a single thought i registered for this 3 months long journey.

Meanwhile,I am learning Data structures and Algorithms this summer.When i get to know that there is a competitive programming project in GSSOC . I without even a single thought told myself that this is the project to which i can work on.So ,in the beginning on slack channel of this particular project i asked many question ,regarding what should be done and what not.

I started contributing to this project with small DS and Algo problems.,gradually leads to some good problems.Before GSSoC i don’t even know how to use github/git properly.Even after contributing one or two problems to the project.My first 3–4 PR’s(Pull Requests) are miserable they contains all previous commits.But the mentors are very helpful specially Sahil Bansal and Ramit Sawhney .They told me various concepts of github and than i gradually learned github from various sources.

In mean time,I am also looking to the codes written by others and leaned a lot from that.From seeing other codes you realize the use of comments.So after that i also improved my comments in the my programs.

Usually ,every issue has a particular tag like easy , medium , hard, difficult . According to which the scoring is done.But i am loving the open source contribution so much that ,i even worked on some of the issues without any points because they maybe are not so big issues or whatsoever.

From this 3 month long journey i learned a lot of things .I get to know about the power of open Source .Today when i saw myself at 2nd rank of the project in final leaders-board,i feel lucky and blessed that i find this opportunity to work on this program.

For more information about this program checkout:-

Now GSSoC is come to end,but this is the start of my open source contributions. For anyone looking to get started in Contributing to Open Source, I’d say the best way is to pick up a Open Source Contribution program that welcomes you such as GSSoC as you’ll learn best when you put your knowledge to practice.

You can reach me out at:-

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