Prisma: Turning Everyday Pictures Into Art

Almost every photo sharing app has it’s own filters. Apps like Instagram have their own preset filters and also allow users to customize their pictures with different tools.

That’s cool, but what if there was an app that could turn everyday pictures into actual art?

Well there is, and that app is called “Prisma.” Now Prisma isn’t what your grandpappy uses to impress Gertrude on the third floor of his nursing home. No, it actually turns your pictures into art. I decided to test it out, using a picture of my dog King.

King’s gonna be getting ALL the bitches…Literally

You’re probably freaking the fuck out right now and wondering how I did this black magic. Well guess what? I’m a nice enough guy, that I made a little 30 second video showing you how.

So most people think that Prisma is just another “filter app” like Retrica or VSCO but it’s not and I’ll explain why.

Most filter apps just take your picture and automatically adjust the brightness, saturation and contrast of your photo depending on what filter you choose. But Prisma doesn’t do this, it actually takes your picture and uploads it to a cloud server , so a neural or AI (artificial intelligence) network can combine a painting style and your picture together (This is so Prisma can redraw it and send it back to you as art).

So far, Prisma has about 35 filters that include styles of different artists like Picasso, Van Gogh and Levitan.

After you’re done adding your filter, you can upload your picture to Instagram and Facebook or just save it to your device. Also, Prisma is available on IOS and Android.

Prisma recently came out of being a beta-only app to now being publicly used. This means that it has some problems. Now the first problem is that if you’re used to Instagram’s Insta-filters, you may find the 10 second developing time to be a little slow on Prisma, but I assure you the result is way better than some lame filter that just makes your eyes look a little bigger.

The second problem is that Prisma uploads your picture to a cloud server, meaning it needs internet or data to work. So if you have a slower internet connection you may have to wait a little longer. If you find that your Prisma filter is taking too long, just click the filter again or restart the app. Other than that it’s an amazing app and as it develops it’ll definitely get better!

For the people that have been reading my articles thank you so much , it really means a lot to me and if you ever want me to write about something specific like an emerging app or just something you feel needs attention, send me a dm at on Insta :). Happy Prisma-ing! (Also tag me or dm me in any Prisma art you guys create! Really interested in seeing what you come up with)