Convenience has a price!

We live in the world of convenience and we are greedy of it. Greed leads to disaster and that is what our eco system is headed for. A couple of days back i ordered a Fitbit charger from #Amazon. It was very convenient to order it from my mobile phone. Within a minute, i was done with the transaction and in a couple of days it arrived at my doorstep.

What came free with it was its elaborate packaging! A little deeper thought made me guilty of buying it from Amazon. They packed a minuscule charger in a large bubble envelope which was printed from outside and had a printed transaction label in A5 size stuck over it. And it was seamed with some kind of a glue.

As a designer i was aghast with utmost #ecohostility with which this package was designed or chosen for this shipment.

Where does this pack go from my place? In a landfill or a recycling plant? If it goes to the landfill, it covers a volume of air (bubbles) and remains beneath the heap till eternity. If it goes for recycling, it needs segregation of medium & material (ink, glue, print and plastic) which is almost impossible. Who is paying for all this insensitive mess? The VC or PE fund for the free packaging and we as consumers who are party to this constant #eco-adulteration!

I am sure there are cheaper and #ecocomfortable alternatives. May I request the so called mega giants of e-commerce, #Amazon and #Flipkart to be a little sensitive on this front!!

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