Recently my wife changed the dish tv operator at her octogenarian parents’ house.

The old parents had a tough time understanding the very basic functionality of the interface. The coherence between the two interfaces, remote and the screen is ambiguous. The new screen layout. looks simple, but on operation it is utterly confusing and demands multiple clicks to reach the destination. My young daughter spent many sessions explaining it to her grand parents.

Essence of any design is simplification and user centricity! Basics of UI is to organise the primary, secondary and tertiary operations into neatly demarcated buckets, while articulating the size and layout through the lens of sequence, frequency and criticality!

Result should be evaluated on a scale of visible clutter! Refine, refine and further refine till it is simplified to the hilt. And please test it out with your TG before launch, while engaging the last set of users, the seniors, in the fold.

Seniors form a large chunk of our population, especially when it comes to viewing television. I wonder why such interfaces are not validated with. them for intuitivity. While design becomes recognised and accessible, some of the most basic devices still remain very primitive!

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