hey, my this post is about my experience of introduction to salesforce and transition to Lightning #Lightning.
First of all, I would like to start with my introduction to salesforce.com

Sales force.com, in the last two years this company has changed the concept of customer relationship management. How I ended up becoming a sales force developer can be said as by sheer luck by some people; but I call it my will to learn, as they correctly say.” Where there is a will, there is a way.” I owe this amazing experience of being a part of salesforce to a colleague of mine who used to sit beside me in this firm I used to work with, HytechPro. So, one fine day she faced some problem in her sales force account and asked me to help her. Frankly, I did not even know till that moment about some company called sales force

Through this friend of mine I learnt about salesforce.com but that was just the first step after that I did my research and got to know how I could use skills to develop new apps and read a tutorial on the same. That was all it took to get me into sales force developing. though this colleague I started trying developing new apps using salesforce and it was her who helped me through all of my journey of learning development in salesforce. The best part of being a sales force developer is anyone and everyone from the whatsoever background and qualifications can get straight into the field without much of a fuss. My story of ending up as a salesforce developer might not be that fascinating but the entire journey definitely is. I am grateful to my colleague for their support in my career as well as life’s journey. Later on, I got introduced to the salesforce lightning built on the Salesforce App Cloud providing completely reimagined user interface with a seamless experience across all our devices. Apps are visually built with Lightning App Builder and Lightning Components providing us various tools to help in the process. 
Some Highlights of lightning include:-
1) Efficient navigation and the ability to switch between custom-branded apps
2) New record layouts focusing on what we can do instead of what we can view
3) Turbocharged list views helping in easily filter and data visualization 
4) Sleek report views easily filtered to get most important data required.
5) Navigate through pages more easily using customizable, space-saving and collapsible left navigation menu.
6)Opened tasks, planned meetings, and accomplishments could be seen in the activity timeline on each opportunity, lead, account, and contact.
7)Find records faster using improved search, which includes recent records and top results.

you might be thinking on learning about Lightning that “is Lightning Experience Right for Me?” or you might be thinking about whether or not Lightning Experience is a good fit for your company. this is good. Part of the documentation content is to help you make that choice. I hope you will be making a right choice for the betterment of your company.

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