Hi, This post is about how I got introduced to salesforce and how can we become salesforce developer
Sales force.com, in the last two years this company has changed the concept of customer relationship management. How I ended up becoming a sales force developer can be said as by sheer luck by some people; but I call it my will to learn, as they correctly say.” Where there is a will, there is a way.” I owe this amazing experience of being a part of salesforce to a colleague of mine who used to sit beside me in this firm I used to work with, Hytech Pro. So, one fine day she faced some problem in her sales force account and asked me to help her. Frankly, I did not even know till that moment about some company called sales force. Through this friend of mine I learnt about sales force.com but that was just the first step after that I did my research about it and got to know how I could use my skills and read online tutorials on the same. That was all it took to get me into sales force developing. 
My story of ending up as a sales force developer might not be that fascinating but the entire journey definitely is. I am grateful to my colleague as well as the sales force team for their support in my career as well as life’s journey.
When I was looking to start my journey my colleague helped in learning about salesforce providing details about the websites where I could get authentic tutorials or how can I start my learning phase. 
During my learning phase I got to know various websites where I could get authentic tutorials related to salesforce apps some of which are :-
1) Salesforce trailhead: It is one of the best websites to get a tutorial on salesforce and that too free. This website or a resource has many guided learning paths based on expertise level and job role.
2) Udemy: It has a variety of salesforce courses with price tags. If you are lucky you might get a cheap course in a flash sale.
3) Edureka: this is another site with priced salesforce courses but probably one of the best.
There are also some other websites or resources that help us in better understanding that anyone would like to bookmark like:-
1) Cheatsheets: there are more than dozen cheatsheets where we could find step by step directions and screenshots telling us exactly what to do
2) Salesforce Youtube: If you don’t want to read or you are tired of reading you could try salesforce youtube channels where you could easily find a huge amount of videos.
3) Salesforce experts on twitter: You could sharpen your knowledge of salesforce by following salesforce experts all over the world
Those were the few of best resources available over the internet which anyone would like to use to become salesforce developer. There many more resources available over the internet which could help us in becoming salesforce developers it’s just we need to find them.

Here is the link to Salesforce Developer career eBook https://sfdc.co/b0hTzP .

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