I am Naked Tonight!

Picture Credits: https://goo.gl/SzB66E

I am Naked.

Yes, I am naked tonight,
for the world to see. 
To be myself and show my scars, 
I reveal, I am not made of stars.

Come and See me Naked tonight, 
And stare at my scars.

Scars of the battles I have fought, 
Scars of the expectations I couldn’t keep 
Scars of underperforming, 
Scars of missing the mark, 
Scars of being mistreated, 
Scars of being humiliated.

Scars of those long lost dreams, 
Scars of being deceived. 
Scars of depression and over thinking,

Come, See my scars.

Some are deep, some shallow
Some made me weak, some hollow. 
Some are red and bruised tonight, 
Some are blurred in day light. 
Some are tiny, some are huge
Let me show you, Don’t refuse.

Come and see me naked tonight, 
And stare at my scars.

Some are there coz I moved On, 
Some are there coz I held On, 
Some you’ll find are hazy and old, 
Those are the ones, I count as gold.

Come and see me Naked tonight, 
Coz I am Showing my Stars.

Scars are my stars;
Keeping me alive. 
Scars are my stars;
Emitting light.

Come and See Me.

I am not feared, I am naked. 
I can see myself tonight, 
I can let go or fight; 
The battle of being ‘ME’.

Did you see my scars?
Ain’t they beautiful?