The Whistling Duck

Without any side talking I would come straight to the point i.e If you are a food lover and always want a taste that can give your tongue the pleasure of food than you shouldn’t give your mind a second thought. Just go to this restaurant in “The city Beautiful: Chandigarh”.

The Menu that I got when I left the restaurant after my meal :-

I ordered the below menu (Vegetarian):-

  1. Ice tea — Best I ever had.
  2. Ginger ale (mocktail) — Hits your tongue with ginger taste i.e very good.
  3. Thupka (Soup) — Best soup ever had till date.
  4. Greek salad — Very good.
  5. Roasted Aubergine, zuccini salad — Very good.
  6. Birbali Kofta with Naan — Best I ever had till date.
  7. Vegetables in Mala sauce — Vegetables with mala sauce and boiled rice.
  8. Ice cream with fruits — Very good and refreshing.
  9. Kheer, Gil E Firdaus — Best kheer ever had till date.

Here are the pics of recipes that I ate:-

For Non vegetarians also the menu is very rich. The bar serves great drinks.

So the bottom line is that if you searching for a classy restaurant in chandigarh than “The Whistling Duck” should be your first choice.

  1. Live music is also one of the highlights of this restaurant .
  2. I would prefer the backyard for sitting in a relaxation mode.

That’s all, Now you should go there and experience it yourself.


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