Applications 2: Panel Report


Blink’s primary goal is to find out what aspects are lacking from research and digital product design. Jake Fleisher, a UX researcher focuses on the process of ideation. He reiterated on his tips for brainstorming such as generating a lot of ideas by ‘consuming and creating vicariously’, remain in awe, and to communicate. Fleisher’s ideation was done on a board as a way to organize and visualize his ideas. Additionally, it was done in a public setting so that everyone on his team had access to the ideas that he was producing. The idea about the hands free faucet was something that really interested me since a simple household appliance was being made easier to use. Even though hands free faucets are very common in public bathroom’s I was oblivious to the fact that the same idea could be taken further to use in a house to make tasks such as rinsing dishes, washing hands, etc a lot easier.

User Research

Katie Derthick, is a PhD student who studies how the practices of Buddhism can be used for technology. The teachings of Buddhism are quite unique as they require you to actually experience it as it cannot be simply understood solely through explaining the concept to someone. Her aim was to try to understand what the Buddhist’s were teaching and implement these teachings into the way we use technology, hence, in order to be able to do so she made a workbook for her user researchers. Derthick attended and listened to their teachings and gathered that the most important thing was that their thinking towards technology was completely non materialistic. Today, we think of our possessions as ours and according to the Buddhist’s this causes suffering. Derthick’s aim is to create technology in a way so that the world stops thinking of their technological possessions in a non materialistic way. Something that stood out to me during Derthick’s presentation was that she was able to use a very abstract idea that would not usually be associated with technology and intertwine it with a religion.


One of the biggest takeaways was that simple things in our surroundings can be used to ideate and make an already existing product even better for users. In my own ideation I may have limited myself in terms of how varied my ideas could have been.

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