Why Do We Fear Technology? Embrace It.

The list of technology is endless — but where exactly does it end? Or does it even end?

Technology connects people, enhances medicine, grows businesses, forecasts weather, enables exploration and more. The list of technology is endless — but where exactly does it end? Or does it even end?

As humans, there is an irrefutable fear in the back of our minds of the abuse and infinite potential of tech. In movies like ‘I, Robot’ and ‘Ex Machina’, quintessential robots turns against humans. And, nature follows the path of destruction. This reflects the truest perception of many and of ‘technology strata’ in the society. Hence, the fear of technology.

Let’s go back a couple of centuries, where we were in an era of minimal technology. New discoveries and inventions were created for actual needs of humans. Today, due to increased tech innovation, you don’t have to remember or do mundane tasks. Also, gadgets are here to take care of everyday, routine jobs.

“I think fear comes along when magic disappears” — Genevieve Bell, Senior employee of Intel. (Bell has been studying the interaction between humans and machines for many years.)

In the Medieval Era, unexplained events were attributed to God or magical thinking. The unexplained was also categorized as devilish and unfortunate beings were feared. This is how fear came to be associated with technology.

Soon after, science came along with detailed explanations that eliminated these fears. Once that happened, we as humans attached this fear to the new technology.

Harnessing the true power of new technological inventions

In the last two centuries, compare the rate of economic development. The progress that took place is ten times more than that of the previous eight centuries. We completely owe this transformation to the advancement in science and technology. For example:

  • Cloud technology allows businesses and NGOs to perform scientific research in many parts of the World. Simultaneously. As well, access data from the cloud from anywhere in the world.
  • Space technology has gave us a understanding about the World that we live in.
  • Communication and networking among people have become accessible worldwide.
  • CCTV footage act as eyes in the sky to keep crime off of our streets
  • Deep ocean submersibles allow us to explore the deepest areas of our planet

Embrace It.

The inevitable conclusion is that the pros of technology outweighs its cons. The best way to embrace technology? Assure it fits your needs, requirements and be open to it — and, assure there’s a balance.