Bragging my Shy Guy

“We don’t understand you my’re taste’s totally different..”

’Twas just a regular church day for me and my family. Another day to be in fellowship with the people in practice with the same faith as we do. A blessed day indeed for all of us in the congregation. And as the sun sets, young people gathered together for chitchat, seeking for some fruitful conversations. One friend started asking about opposite sexes relationships. Everyone in the group were taking time to give their own ideas, their answers and their stands. And I was just listening to all of them, agreeing and disagreeing to each ideas in my mind. Then the table was turned to me.

“Roel has been showing his interest on you for few years now, has he got no chance at all?..”

It took me few seconds before I was able to answer that question, not because I’m thinking about it, but because I don’t know how to avoid failing their positivity with the answer I’m about to give. I don’t really have to think about it actually. I know my stand from the very start. To put it in a nice place, I answered them with a smile…. “I don’t have plans as of now..”

“But why? He’s also a Christian and he believes in what we believe in. He practices what we practice.”
“What is your ideal man by the way?”

Ideal man? me? Oh, I have a particular type of person in mind. He is a man, man enough to bear with the monster in me. He has listening ears for all of my dramas. With good sense of humor. A smart one. Most especially, he should be a challenging guy.

“A challenging guy? what’s that in particular?”

A challenging guy for me is a shy guy actually. He won’t rush things for him and me. Someone who’s too coy to make a move leaving me desperate reading his mind. Someone who’ll make me feel a total mental turmoil.

“hahaha…you sound funny my friend. There are a lot of guys running after you. Why choose a difficult one? You are such an incomprehensible woman, your taste is absolutely peculiar..”

That’s the thing. Lots of men are running after a woman like me. I am well aware of who are they up to. I know what they want. I know their styles. I know their moves and ways. I know them. Easy peasy. Piece of cake.

On the contrary, a shy guy might be a difficult one, but the thrill he triggers in me, is what makes him striking and alluring for my eyes. A thought-provoking guy, a none one-surfaced guy, that’s my man. Someone who’s deeper than what my eyes can merely see.

“You are one challenging woman my dear friend..”

I know. :)

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