You are The Woman

taken out of the man’s ribs,

close to the heart,

supposed to be loved,

should be taken care of

Woman, as you wander in this seemingly perfect world, you come across seemingly perfect people as well. They offer care and love. You will find them in the same sense as you do. You open your heart as they start to share their world to you. A part of them will be a part of you too.

But life has it’s own twists and cramps. You gradually feel losing them. The warmth of their embrace, the sparkle in their eyes, the happiness in their smiles and the love in their glance, all slowly fading away. You see everything slipping out of your hands just right before your very eyes.

You wonder why…

Where did I go wrong? Where did I lack?

Please remember beautiful, the fault is not always you. You are never ugly for a man who sees the inside beauty. You will never be fat for a man who loves you for who you are and not for how you look like. You are never dumb for a man who’s willing to share you wisdom. And, you are never inadequate. You are always, always enough for a satisfied man.

If life had been a race, you can never win running together with those who are slacking down.

Whatever they made us feel, it will not be a reason for us to quit. They don’t deserve our tears, our efforts, our time, our hearts — our lives.

We don’t need any man to prove that we matter. We do matter, because in our Father’s eyes, we do.

And He’s never the least excited to reveal the man we truly deserve.

So wipe those tears away…stand out…chin up!

You are stronger now. You are not afraid to love again. But this time, you know what battles to fight.

Remember, you are not just a woman. You are the woman.

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