Importance of planning in life

why is planning important in our daily life?

  • Planning is important to stay focused on the goals despite the constant change of situations around us.
  • One small and crazy idea can become big reality one day with proper planning for example Shaukat khanum memorial hospital in Pakistan.
  • An idea is nothing more than brain waves if there is no plan to execute it.
  • Planning provides speed, competitive advantages, confidence, direction, flexibility to fulfil your dream.
  • Planning helps to direct and redirect future for self and others for efficient living standard. For example if in future you may need money immediately, what you will do? That’s why most of the people save money, So that they can walk towards future confidently. That’s why planning is important to survive in life.
  • You travel, you plan your trip.
  • You are getting married, you plan your wedding.
  • You throw a party, you plan the event.
  • You want to make more money, you plan for it.
  • You want to be happy, you will do some planning.
  • You want to be healthy, you surely make some plans for this.
  • You want to lose weight, you make some tasks for this.
  • You want to travel and see the world, you will definetely plan for this.
  • I want to have meaningful and happy relationship, then you must do some planning.
  • You want to wake up earlier.
  • Trying to stop bad habits.
  • Want be closer to your spouse and children.
  • Want to be a nice person.
  • Start your own business.
  • Want to lose weight
  • Get a promotion or better job.

Planning Steps:

  • The first step to planning is to clearly define your goals. Taking a few minutes to put your goals into writing will be very beneficial.
  • Once you have defined your goal, it is time to brainstorm on the tasks. Ordering all of the necessary tasks into order and assigning an estimated time for completion to each goal when you begin scheduling these activities.
  • Next it is useful to define the roles that you will take in fulfilling your goal as well as the roles of any others who will be assisting you. This is important to avoid redundancy or confusion.
  • Once you have determined your goal, the tasks required, the key players and the tasks they will complete, it is finally time to start your scheduling. When scheduling it is important to plan a weekly schedule as well as a daily schedule. The weekly schedule is important for the overall success of the project but it is the daily planning that will help you to track your progress and determine whether or not you are on schedule.
  • As the work starts, continually evaluate your performance to determine whether you are on track or need to adjust your schedule. This is where daily planning becomes so important.
  • Finally once you have successfully completed your task, review your planning process to determine how successful it was. This will help you by illustrating whether or not you have achieved an optimal planning process.

Advantages Of Planning:

  • Planning your life gives you control. If you create a plan then you get to make choices and decisions, rather than leaving things up to chance, or worse yet, letting others make decisions for you.
  • It become easier for you to identify and focus on your priorities when you create a plan because we all have multiple responsibilities and priorities in our lives.
  • Planning helps to make your dreams more attainable. Once a realistic plan is in place, you will be amazed at how achievable your dreams really can be.
  • Having a sense of purpose can go a long way to making you happier. A plan can help you establish your purpose. Once your plan is in place and you start putting it into action, you will no longer just “exist”, you will instead “live purposefully.”
  • A plan will make it easier to say “no” to things that are not as important to you. In other words, if an opportunity is not aligned with your plan, then it’s not worth your time right now and you can feel free to say “no” to it without any hesitation.
  • A planned life will give you a sense of peace. You will no longer have to worry about whether or not you are making the correct decisions.
  • Having a plan will make you feel more powerful. It not only gives you permission to live your life according to how you want, but it also gives you the tools to do it.
  • Finally, having a plan ensures that you will have no regrets when you get to the end. Because you have made the effort to plan your life in order to achieve the goals that you want to achieve, so long as you stick to your plan you can be confident that you will not be looking back.



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