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It has been established most of the calamities are occurring because of accumulation of CO2 and Atmospheric vapour which also results in warming. The simplest solution is to grow CAM plants like Agave and Opuntia which are of care-free growth besides regenerative. They will act as Carbon Sink. These can be grown on a massive scale in vast waste lands especially in developing countries. Biogaspower/biofuel/biochar can be obtained from these CAM Plants. There are other uses of these plants. Agave Cellulose for paper making,fiber for cloth weaving(Dip Dry in Philippines),Opuntia(Cactus) fruit and juice are nutritious and compares well with Apple and Pomegranate. They are exported from Israel.
Developing countries can add “Bio energy” as an option in their energy mix.
Dr.A.Jagadeesh Nellore(AP),India