A loan for NRI’s citizen to cherish their dreams

Owning a home is like a cherished dream for most of the NRI’s. But owing to the prior commitment, growing inflation costs and skyrocketing prices of property in India it might be difficult to deal in cash for the purchase of their house at a dream location. Relax! Government banks and housing finance companies very well understand the concern of NRI citizens and have introduced NRI home loans that will help purchase the property back in their motherland.

Home loans is offered to NRIs, PIOs and OCIs for the purchase of a flat, row house, bungalow from private developers in approved projects in India, properties from development authorities like DDA, MHADA, etc. These NRI home loans are offered at attractive interest rates with a minimum processing fee. There are flexible ways of loan repayment with a fair amount of time such as 15–20 years to clear off the debt. Some leading private finance companies offer home loans advisory service in other nations where you may currently reside. They can take expert legal and technical counseling to help you make the right home buying decision. At the comfort of staying in your foreign land, you can get valuable insights on developer projects, location, documentation process and offers given by banks or housing finance companies. These loans are given to salaried or self-employed people. Based on your eligibility criteria you can opt for suitable NRI home loans.

Experts say, if Non-Resident Indians are looking to invest in new or constructed properties in India then the coming few years are good for buying property of your choice and location. Things have changed a lot from a couple of years backs and now Indian banks and private house finance companies are willing to offer more housing loan offer to NRI citizens. Everything from interest rates applicable, processing fee, pre & post closure charges, stamp duty & registration etc. have changed and has been made more accessible to NRI individuals.

There are online sites that help you compare loans in terms of interest rates, flexible repayment solutions, loan tenure, processing fee and more. At the comfort of sitting at your house in foreign land, you can compare the best interest rates, maximum loan amount being qualified for and apply for suitable NRI home loans.

You can search for the property of your choice in Indian cities at the click of a button on your computer screen, laptops, or smartphone. Use filters to narrow your search, add properties you like to your favorites, compare them, and even find out useful information regarding infrastructure and facilities available in the particular city.

The interest rate on the home loans depends on various factors and there is no common interest rate being rolled out by Reserve bank of India. Banks and finance companies look at various factors such as employment history, Visa status, property value, credit score, etc, before quoting the interest rate on your housing finance.

Ideally, bank or housing finance companies offer NRI home loans repayment tenure of around 10–15 years but beyond 15 years might be tough and you’ll have to talk to the manager to extend the repayment tenure.

Some private finance companies also consider factors like customer’s profile, the age of customer at maturity of the loan, the age of property at loan maturity, as well to decide the loan tenure.

The income and education qualification of an NRI citizen also plays a crucial role in deciding the loan amount. NRI’s need to complete prerequisites for the loan to get sanctioned such as qualifications, current job profile, past work experience, the probability of continuing abroad and servicing the loan with an extended tenure in case of return to India.