How to be a good conversationalist?

The most kind gesture which you can give someone after smile is to listen carefully to what he is saying because according to Dale Carnegie, listening is one of the highest compliment we can pay to someone. To be a good conversationalist, you must be a good listener because people fail to make a good impression just because they don’t listen attentively. Such a person will not be liked by anyone who is only interested in talking about himself, interrupts the other person while he was talking and rather than concentrating on what the other person is saying he focuses only on what he is going to say next.

So here are some of things which you can apply on yourself in order to be to be a good conversationalist, to be an attentive listener. To be interesting, be interested in other person. Ask questions that other persons will enjoy answering. Encourage them to talk about themselves and their accomplishments, it will leave a very good impression because people love to be heard and love to talk about themselves. Sometimes, when people approach you for a meeting or conversation they don’t want advice, they don’t want to hear you, all they want is to share their burden with you and being a good listener works like a magic in making them feel better.

I believe that these are very helpful tips to be an effective listener and to be a good conversationalist as well. I will implement these tips to be a good listener by applying RASA formula also on myself which is a Sanskrit word which stands for Reception, Appreciation, Summarize and Ask. When someone is talking to me i will try to receive what other person is trying to say, appreciating him throughout the conversation by showing positive gestures, summarize his sayings just to make sure i understood what he actually wanted to say and by asking questions to encourage him more in talking about himself.

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