Revolutionary greetings to all OAU students. It is in the light of the recent tussle of ideas between the parties that advocate that a condition of 2.5 CGPA as a criteria for contesting the upcoming S. U. elections be repealed or sustained that we have to lend out our voice of PEACE.

There is a faction that vehemently proposes that 2.5 CGPA be upheld as a criteria to contest elections stating their reasons as highlighted briefly below;

1. That according to historical guidance, a statutory CGPA of 2.5 has been set be previous electoral commissions and that has almost become the convention.

2. That there has been issues like this in the past where a referendum has been conducted and the 2.5 CGPA has been upheld.

3. That to avoid a situation where a non-student at any particular point in time would be a union executive. They gave an example asking us to imagine a scenario where a student with a CGPA or 1.1 contests the union election and by chance has a bad result in the first semester of his tenure and his/her CGPA drops to 0.8 resulting in the management asking such an individual to withdraw because he can't cope.

There is also this party that proposes that 2.5 CGPA should not be a condition for students to conduct elections stating their reason as highlighted below:

1. That CGPA is a metric to measure academic prowess and not leadership prowess. They gave examples of very great leaders in history who never stepped their foots on the four walls of any university.

2. That the sacrosanct Constitution of the Students' Union do not state a CGPA but only highlights that such an individual be just a student.

3. That the 2.5 CGPA was a script by previous management to scheme out some students who were seemingly seen as clogs in the wheels of the smooth running of the university.

As was witnessed at the Congress, a particular party got very agressive which led to the hasty end of the congress.

To restore peace and order, we at ANUNSA OAU believe everyone has a right to choose any position they wish to, and that no party be seen as right or wrong. We also advise that each party argue with the other intellectually and that no form of physical assault be allowed as we know our Students' Union to promote. Also, we would like to call on the umpire of the electioneering process to provide a platform for both parties to air their views and allow the electorate to take a position through a referendum or any other means deem fit. We also call on all parties to instead of attack each other, to go to the electorate and campaign vigorously backing up their points with facts and figures.

We wish OAU peace in this electioneering process and we admonish all candidates to embrace the wind of peaceful resolutions.



ANUNSA OAU President.

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