Where do you draw the line between opening up vulnerably and being expressive?

Question that plagues my heart!

Everyone, every human being needs acceptance, the longing to vulnerably express ourselves without judgement or prejudice

I beg to think critically before I am allowed to be expressive vulnerably for most times our vulnerability would be judged on the bias of others perception.

I seek that day where and when the little child in me would find expression without holding anything back or think twice before muttering my feelings

Hmmm….oh yeah! I seem to have found that place. That place is my hiding place, my inner corner where light shines in the deepest darkest corner of my being.

That place where ‘He’ listens without bias, without disdain, without judgement, without anger, without envy

That place where 'He' listens with LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!

I can be hard stuffed but I deliberately choose to be vulnerably expressive to the ONE who sees my inner most heart and being and still loves me the same.

I guess, as time goes and life passes, I would come eventually to that place where I can fully be Accepted, Understood and Loved!

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