How to Track Field Force Productivity Without Being a Spy?

An interesting instance caught my attention last year. About a frustrated sales manager who was doubtful about the work ethics of few members of his team although he was unable to pin anybody in particular. Even though the weekly progress report submitted by employees were just fine, but utterly poor field force productivity was telling an entirely different story altogether.

This essentially created a doubt about the authenticity of weekly reports. So fed up of all this, the manager hired the service of a spy agency to monitor each employee closely, during the time they were supposedly spending on the field.

Unsurprising as it was for the manager, three members of his team were found to be completely unprofessional and irresponsible towards their duties. In fact, the three rarely went for the client meetings and spent most of the field hours hanging out with friends or just having fun in general. They drafted fake reports, after cleverly analyzing the generic trend of the performances of other members who worked honestly. Thus, they analyzed the generic pattern to follow. Thereafter, carefully prepared ‘mediocre’ reports that easily slipped away unnoticed. They used stats which were neither too good or that bad. Just perfect to skip away without getting a second glance, like in the case of every ordinary report ever.

The issue caught fire when the rumor of spying was leaked to the employees. The employees were unsure if they should ask for a clarification from the manager. They knew that they should only raise the issue further if it turns out true which wasn’t clear till that point of time. On the other hand, the manager didn’t know about the rumor getting leaked. Instead, he unknowingly approved the rumor by calling those ‘three’ employees who were escaping from the field work assigned to them and curated their reports cleverly to cover it up.

The manager sought clarification from the three about their unethical and seriously flawed attitude during the working hours. When the manager showed them the evidence of the photographs obtained through spying. All the three employees immediately knew where the issue will be heading. With no way out for escaping, so they decided to deliberately add more fire to the smoke created by the rumor. They ignited it by claiming that rumors were true and the manager has captured a number of photographs with the help of a spy and is now using it to frame them wrongly. This agitated the employees, more so because the three of them were actually handed termination letters by the manager. Some employees assumed it was a personal ‘grudge’ of the manager against the employees for the poor sales.

The employees got united and vowed to drag the issue further till the justice is served to their ‘sacked’ colleagues. All employees collectively lodged a legal complaint claiming for compensation from the manager for invading the individual privacy of the employees by discreetly spying into their personal life. Well, that was clearly an exaggeration but the flow of wind was in favor of the unity of the employees.

And soon, the issue became a burning topic of discussions. It was also hogging the limelight from the digital and print media unanimously. This got a lot of people talking on the issue. The manager was unquestionably portrayed in a bad light as an evil boss exploiting his employees in the obsession of sales. It turned out worst for the manager as the court ordered him to pay the compensation claimed by his employees. And it was a blessing for those three employees who escaped from being held accountable. The manager had already quit the job on the third day after the issue was hyped.

Later on, To be frank enough, it was a bit too much on the part of a manager to use spying on his employees. The manager might have been pissed off by professional approach of few team members, but spying was not a professional approach either. In angst, agitation, and doubt, the manager went as far as he could, from the permissible limits. At the end of the day, it is unethical to discreetly spy even if it is your employee.

It was never going to make things better for the manager. On contrary, it disintegrated the little trust and transparency which was somehow left in his team. It openly encouraged the non-cooperative mentality in the employees who were ready to pull the legs of their own manager on a slight provocation of the three employees.

So here we are then, spying won’t do it. Now is there anything you can do is the Manager to monitor your field force productivity?

Transparency; the Problem in Managing the Field Force Productivity

When you think of managing a field force, the basic problem that slaps your face right away is the lack of transparency. Apparently ‘transparency’ was also the reason which compelled the stated Manager to use a spy to monitor his team. He didn’t know what his team was doing when it is supposedly working on the field. The poor field force productivity was sharply contrasting to the weekly reports which he got from his team members. This clearly indicated him that few members of his team were faking their reports.

It is not that he didn’t have a choice or he couldn’t do a thing about it. You should always cross verify any information rather than believing whatever numbers your team members produce before you. There are other ways to keep a fluent exchange of information. Now the question is, how is it possible to track the field force and manage their productivity all at once?

Using a Practical Solution Now or Waiting for an ‘Ideal’ One till Death!

One need not have a supernatural or paranormal ability if you have the power of science with you. No technology is or can be called perfect. There is always the scope of exploring new entities in the scientific world of infinite possibilities. So if you are looking for an Ideal solution, you are just waiting for a ‘tomorrow’ which changes into ‘today’ till you reach it. So every day, you will have a new ‘tomorrow’ to wait for…

Science keeps improving with every passing day and same is the case with technology which gets better all along. This is just an absolute illusion to think that you will ever find a perfect solution. There is no limit or constraint in the infinity of science. Nothing is absolute and therefore nothing can be ideal. What you use today will become dated tomorrow and it continues to be the same till infinity. This basically means technology will keep on improving, but your life, your business and your today never wait for you.

It’s just about rightly using the bliss of ‘technology’ whatever science has blessed us with. The seamless connectivity makes it simple reliable in practicality. All of us are being addicted to digital gadgets nowadays, and specifically, the mobile phones have gradually captured the soul of entire human race. It is purposeful and engaging to an extent that has redefined the meaning of ‘connectivity’ for the whole world.

With the introduction of smartphones, the scope has widened beyond anyone’s imagination. Being a smart business, you must use these technological assets for assistance. It is worthy enough to adopt it even if for the slightest thrust.

Using Smartphones for a Seamless Field Force Management

Of late, the mobile phones have actually become an impeccable way to stay connected with the world. Either sitting in an office or on the move, using the mobile is always as easy and effective as it gets. Here’s when and how to use your smartphone for solutions that are just perfect for the part and yes, you don’t have to turn to spying. It is about the engagement which you practice with your field force while it is actually working. All you need is a medium to stay in touch with your employees till they are actively working for you.

The teamspoor is one such app that uses the features which can help you in the management of your field process throughout the day. It is as if you are there with your team all along till they do their job.

Use GPS; Fetch Real Time Locations

The most significant question which a manager is concerned about has to be about the Team Member’s current location. And there is a reason why this concern never dies. The last resort of a manager is to call the employee to ask his where he is and get the expected answer for some respite, which is irrelevant, to say the least. What if the employee is faking his location? And you end up reaching the same place from where you were begun…

The common smartphones available in the market these days offers GPS tracking which can easily trace the location of the particular person at any point of time with the consent of the employee. All the employee has to do is log in as soon as he gets active in the morning to start his work, the admin (manager) would start getting the location of his employee until he logs out at the end of day. Once he logged out, he is free from his duty and he is not accountable anymore. So, his personal privacy and manager’s management worries both are solved.

Use Automation; Rev your Field Process

The field process needs monitoring system in the same way as it is keeping and you can’t afford to keep a person just for that purpose along with every field employee of yours. It is, therefore, better for the manager to use a real-time sales tracking system which can automate the entire process and trace the entire schedule of an employee from the word ‘Go’.

Automation makes it easy for the manager to fetch reports from his employees just as the meeting adjourns. You don’t have to keep calling them from time to time to know the progress report of interacting with an assigned lead. Thus, the whole process achieves a new level of transparency altogether.

Stay Updated; Stay Managed

It is one of the biggest ache of any manager to get the updates from his employees by calling them every now and then. At times, they won’t pick the calls. Although there are many obvious reasons such as congested traffic condition or when employee is driving a vehicle or just anything that genuinely relates to the nature of work.

So, it will be much better for them to log in on the app installed on their mobiles as soon as they start working. And just from the point of logging in till logging out at the end of the day, everything they do will be simultaneously made available to his manager which means, you won’t have to turn yourself into a frustrate tele-caller for being the manager.