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Author | Writer | Poet. Bangalore, India. Sometimes, I show you life through a ‘fun’ filter. Sometimes life is ‘laid bare’.

Some of our best ideas are lost because we do not journal them at once

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A photo essay of a short nature walk

Photo by Anu Anniah


Men seem to be at the beginning of everything

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In a predominantly online world, the old are left alone and clueless

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Loneliness, distressing experience that occurs when a person’s social relationships are perceived by that person to be less in quantity, and especially in quality, than desired. The experience of loneliness is highly subjective; an individual can be alone without feeling lonely and can feel lonely even when with other people.

Medium Tips

New writers — this is largely for you!

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Medium is all about reading, writing, and engaging. Anything you do adds up to these three primary goals.

Writer Life Humor

But I have nothing to show for it

Created by Anu Anniah

Medium tips

Bye-bye indexing, multi-pinning, and all those tedious workarounds

My pretty little list of lists— screenshot by Anu Anniah

What problem does it solve?


Bookstores should be called book experience centers

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The smell, oh, the smell

Life Lessons

And that’s not a good thing!

Captured from by Anu Anniah


MuddyUm’s funniest for June and one bonus from elsewhere

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Anu Anniah

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