Things to Remember While Knowing the First Signs of Breast Cancer

After skin cancer, breast cancer happens to be the most cancer in the fairer sex throughout the globe. Better and advanced treatments imply the fact the more and more people are presently living full and long lives after undergoing breast cancer treatment. On the flipside, the number of cases in the ambit is on the rise. According to WHO, every year, around 4, 200 women are diagnosed with the disease and 800 women die from it. It’s most common in those having crossed 50 years of age but you can get that at a younger age too. The first prevention directive begins from checking the signs of breast cancer.

In order to check the signs, you need to develop extensive and dedicated breast care. That comes from breast awareness. Here are some simple facts and steps. Let’s discuss the signs first.
  1. The glaring or subtle changes: You need to be aware of a change in the shape, formation or size of your breasts. On many occasions, it might so happen that one breast becomes larger. Such irregularity is a big sign of breast cancer. Do notice the changes in your nipple, if any. They can undergo change in the shape, formation and direction. Sometimes, it becomes pulled in, inverted or flattened. There will be changes in and around the region of nipple as well. The skin may become crusted, flaky and very rash. You need to report it to your doctor without delay.
  2. Noticing other symptoms: There could be radical or moderate changes in your skin, resulting in redness, puckering or dimpling. World Cancer Association considers it as one of the foremost signs of breast cancer. Do look out for swelling in the armpit area or the region of your collarbone. There could be lump or a thickening formation inside the breast.
  3. Two most noticeable signs: On many occasions, the nipples discharge a fluid. It’s one of the most vivid symptoms of breast cancer. You might also experience ceaseless and intermittent pain in your armpit or one breast.
  4. Knowing the causes: Till date, nobody knows the exact causes behind this widespread malaise. However, researches have discerned numerous risk factors that accentuate a woman’s possibility of getting the cancer. Some of the risks are actually out of your comprehension and control. However, knowing them can help you take significant steps to fortify yourself against it.
  5. Gender and getting older: Like it or not, being a woman is the first and biggest risk element in this context. Yes, women are 99% more prone to getting breast cancer. The risk of cancer gets more as you get older. It has been found that most women suffer from it after crossing the age of 50.
  6. Coming from heredity: A strong history of breast cancer in the family puts you at an even risk of getting it. It includes breast cancer or/and ovarian cancer in many close same family members.

There are other causes and benign conditions for breast cancer. Hormone replacement therapy, contraceptive pills and staring periods at a relatively early age are other causes. In some cases, having no children is another reason.