How to Find and Hire a App Developer

I have actually heard people ask questions like “how do I finding app developer for my business” You must’ve also and sometimes you don’t know if the guy who says he knows how to actually does. So many things run through your mind. What am I going to do always being one of them. Well, help is here. In this article I am going to be talking about how to finding app developers. As for the where to part I’m sure you’ve already figured that out, the internet. Yeah, it was pretty obvious i know, but there are also companies that you could hire that specialize in this. So I’m going to describe the whole process and the need to know details the rest I am sure you will able to figure out on your own. So let’s get into it.

Alright then, the first thing you should want to see is their past work. Very important, you can’t just hire them because the company name sounds cool or because they said so. Look at other projects they’ve worked on considering paying app developers could cost up to $50,000 to $350,000 I would think you would want to get your money’s worth. Am I right? Checking for past
work is important and then check the App Store either iOS or Android and check out the application and check the reviews. See if people actually like the application. The UX (User Experience) and the UI (User Interface) all these matter.

Find out from the other people and companies they have worked with in the past and ask how the whole process went. Was it smooth, did they meet deadlines, where there any hiccups. You could also check out the companies reviews on sites like see how they were rated by past customers. You should also like to know how long their last project took, the challenges that arose and how they were dealt with. Knowing this lets you know if you’re going to be working with people who can deal with sudden changes and
probably still create successful apps.

Any reputable application developer gives quality assurance. You need to know if the developer is going to run a beta test for you or not. This is of course very important because without the beta testing there isn’t much of a guarantee that the app will work. You would also like to know the agencies man power, so you would know if there will be at least someone or two available to be working on your app. If it is a freelancer that was hired it would be important to know how busy he is at the moment. Just to be sure he has time to work on your project and cab meet the deadlines given.

You would want the agencies developers to actually know how to input the information that you want, it would need to have a way to receive reviews and ratings. To be sure of this you would need to see the portfolio of the developer, his social media profiles like LinkedIn and GitHub, also the
developers bio, a list of relevant skills, a professional picture (head shot
preferably) all these so you know who the developer or developers are.

You should take note when you want to find an app developer if the timeline given to you of how the project is going to happen seems inflexible and the outline and scope of the project seems kind of rigid I would avoid using that person. Another thing to beware of is if the developer wastes excessive time deciding how much to charge and how long, it would seem the person isn’t as experienced as you would want and this could make things difficult moving forward. Building an app is expensive either way whether or not you hire a freelance app developer or a full time developer or an agent. It’s imperative to know that this is the right way to go before taking this next step. Hope this helped.

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