#1 An indian tourist in india

An amazing host this city of culture, art, tradition, and mind blowing food. Chennai they call it. In the boarding pass it reads ‘MAA’, what I call my mothers (in hindi). Stories of this place and people on a loop inside my head.

It took me some time to get used to the idea that ‘I can be a tourist in my own native land’.

Idea is very simple touring a place means exploring it, but not every part of my country was explored by me. I technically become a tourist by that logic.

But, it is a tragedy to be tourist in your country! I had so many pre-concieved notion about different part of india that it took away the trill of exploring places.

I am an Indian. I was born in a north indian brahmin family dwelling in central india. But the sold images of a reality of people, places and situation can be different.

It’s a challenge exploring your own country as a tourist.

Let me tell you how:

My job requires me to travel around the country almost every-week. I grew bored of being a tourist. There was no emotion.

The quality of service was equivalent to the bill and tip. Shinier clothes received grandeur services. It wore off. I started feeling exhausted at the name of a world heritage site or ANY local attraction.

Netflix and Food od my preference with hassle free fully air conditioned 5 star hotel was my favorite pass-time. Something changed…

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