7 Things People do on Twitter?

There are a few common things people serious about twitter are doing. The difference is only the way they do it or the methodologies they adapt.

I am not discussing people who simply use twitter as a means to connect to friends and that is all. But I am talking about those who develop their Brand on Twitter and want to put their business in front of more people who may be interested in their products/ services i.e those who work on developing their niche.

So, lets agree that twitter is definitely a great marketing tool.

Build a great Profile

First comes a great Profile, with a nice header and profile photo and then the color scheme for fonts etc. Most successful twitter users work on their profile.

What I discover recently is that fellow twitter users designing really nice twitter profile pictures at Canva. The nicest, quick and cool graphics and that too without paying a dime.

Share Content

People come with nice content from news sites, quotes, breathtaking images so that people like it and follow them. Content with Images are known to provide more engagement rate.

Sharing content is a time taking task, if you are to tweet 10 to 20 times a day. I see people sharing Blog content on twitter either by scheduling beautiful tweets in advance to save time later with apps like buffer or taking even the shorter route by scheduling tweets from RSS feeds of their Blogs. Twitter Applications used for this second “Blog Feed to Twitter method” are Twibble, Zapier, Dlvr and Tweeps.co.

Like or Favorite others content

Now that people get some likes and mentions they want to share the love and so they like and share others content.

Retweet Twitter posts

Retweeting a small amount of tweets is healthy and most of the people seem to do it. It gives the user whose tweet was retweeted some exposure and so in turn you a get a retweet like “an eye for an eye”. And if not they may decide to follow you in turn.

While Majority either like or favorite tweets manually, I have not come across Apps that can save time to favorite content. There are some twitter accounts that retweet automatically, I use tweeps.co to like and retweet content that is interesting based on saved twitter searches.

Basically how it works is:

  1. I save a twitter search that i can use to filter posts that seem to be interesting.
  2. Based on the tweets that come up for the searches I like, retweet or follow the tweeter.

Respond to Direct Messages

A well maintained twitter account owner replies to the custom direct messages, not the automated DMs.

Respond to tweets with @yourusername

When someone is talking to you they will tweet mentioning your username. You should reply back to these tweets.

Twitter Searches

Not only this, Pro twitter users regularly sift through tweets to get leads for their business. It is an Art to search tweets with right queries to generate leads.

For Example: A hosting company will search for something like “hostgator frustrated” keyword to find twitter users who are frustrated with hostgator and will try to connect. Of course you will want to exclude certain keywords perhaps the “http, https, RT” to clear out the noise and reach real people.

These are ones for now. Would love to know what other Sharp Mind Techies might be doing on twitter..and promise to share when I come across more interesting things.