DNA- The Next Big Thing in DATA STORAGE.


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Today I shall talk about one more advent in technology in the field of digitalization. We have been witness to remarkable achievements like transition from bulky hard drives to flash drives which has made this storage of data very easy and efficient.

But had anyone thought that DNA would be a medium to storing data.

And Yes! Its possible with the advancement of our Digital Technology.

We knew DNA ( Deoxyribo-Nucleic Acid) as a part of biology. And today we are seeing as a part of digital electronics and a medium for storing data.

The person behind this was Nick Goldman along with Evan Barney. It was 16th February when Nick started the idea of encoding DNA.

The actual concept of this idea actually was converting the binary ‘0’s and ‘1’s into coded form of DNA. DNA has 4 units which are bonded in pairs by a Hydrogen bond and are bound by sugar phosphate helical structure. These unit are Adenine(A), Guanine(G), Cytosine(C), Thymine(T).

We know in a binary system the digital system is formed of bits- ‘0’s and ‘1’s with a base of 2. And as a DNA has 4 units, this base 2 codes (0 and 1) are converted into base 4 codes(A,G,C and T) to form similar files with a lesser size.


And for decoding these genome sequences we have a technique at Genome Decoding Laboratory in Germany.This technology can be very compact which can replace our flash drives. So the decoding generally means converting the coded A,C,G,T sequence back into digital files.

Idea is a important as executing it and checking whether it has any faults in it or any disadvantage than the existing technology.

If we talk about the amount of data it can store , then it can unimaginably be high.We can store the data of whole world in one room. Yes you read it right!!!!..It has a storing capability which is much more than flash drives and hard disks that we us in our present day.

If we talk about the span up to which the data lasts, then its much higher than our present storage devices. This span can be even be more than 100 years.

And the copying speed of data in a DNA is faster than a photocopier as it follows a exponential method of copying in the same way it happens in case of cell division.

The only challenge left to the scientists is its cost and it will definitely be a success to avail us a affordable and revolutionary way of storing data in DNA. This is one of the biggest ever idea which is going to have a great impact in our coming future.

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