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Today’s topic is based on a recent technology in the fields of transmitting and receiving data.There are many ways that exist at present.Existing technologies use electromagnetic waves for transmitting data.some of them are WiFi, Infrared , Bluetooth,etc. Even to connect devices we need a Bluetooth or a wired connection. But having been overrated, which made scientists to introduce a very new way of networking called Human Area Networking(HAN).In simple, this is a form of networking where human body surface acts as a medium for exchanging data.This technology otherwise is called Red Tacton technology.

Red: A warm color to emphasize warm and cordial communication.

Tacton: Action triggered by touching.

Scientific researches says a human body posses slender amount of electric charge all the time.This electric field is used for Red Tacton technology to transmit and receive (Duplex communication) and signals.And this act as a Duplex means of communication at a speed of 10Mbps.

Thus this network protocol HAN is totally different from other network areas like LAN and WAN. Red Tacton works on the principle that optical properties of an electro-optic crystal varies according to the modulation of a weak electric field. The extent to which the optical properties are charged is detected by a laser light,which is then connected to an electrical signal by a detector circuit .This methodology on which it works is termed as Electric Field Photonics.

Red Tacton has three main functional features :


Touching ,Gripping, Sitting ,Walking ,Stepping and other human movements triggers unlocking or locking , starting or stopping , pausing or resuming equipment, or obtaining data.


Duplex interactive communication is possible at maximum speed of 10Mbps. Because the transmission path is on the surface of the body.Transmission speed does not deteriorate congested areas.


Not only human body surfaces but various conductors and dielectrics can be used as transmission media.

It has a wide range of applications :

  • Gadgets can be personalized and restricted with security touch using this technology.A person can customize the access with this so that others can not access it.
  • Users can have instant access to internet just by placing laptop on a conductive table.
  • In shops and malls customers can get more info about a product just by touching it.
  • It can be implanted in guns and programmed in a way that only soldiers can access the gun and restrict it from others.

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