The long path of tech

Tech takes time. I remember as a kid in Nasik, India running to the ‘computer lab’ in our school with my elder brother Vishal and his best friend Swapnil. We used to go there on holidays too and play 8 bit video games on windows desktops with 254Mb or less of RAM (even 10 years after that I remember installing Oracle 8 on a desktop with 512MB of RAM believe it or not)

However, we’ve had amazing systems programming languages like C for a long time. Linux was written in C, and is still the best commercial OS out there. This was all in the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. AI was looked at seriously many decades ago, we had deep blue a long time back, so many great technologies were built many decades ago. NLP has been worked on for decades. But only now in the middle of the 2nd decade of the 21st century are we seeing these technologies (NLP, ML, AI etc.) come to fruition through various products. What is it that causes some technologies to have such a long laborious cycle? Is it how ambitious they are? Does ambition always coincide with utility. Lots of simple things have worked incredibly well: Uber for example, in a limiting case. A simple app on iOS Appstore getting a $70B valuation! While we are still nowhere near a full blow AI/ ML led product. X.AI is one of the newer ones on the horizon.

We will see where we end up with this. Will be fun.