week 4

1. What are the primary sources of energy in the world today? How is global energy use changing?

Fossil fuels are the world largest energy source to day(gas,oil,coal). The used of transportation is increase dramatically so people consuming more and more oil every day, for example 1 family have 5 member and own 4 car guess how many gallon there consuming the oil each week around. Here the easy calculate smaller car may have 14 gallon of fuel tank and they fill up tank every 4 day so it will consume around 30 gallon per week.

2. Which sector uses the most energy? What is the primary energy source for electrical energy in the world today? In Thailand?

Industrial sector consume a lot of fossil fuels and make a lot of pollution.The primary energy sources of electricity were fossil fuels 67% and other kind of renewable source of energy . In Thailand the primary sources to produce energy were gas.

3. Explain the concept of “Peak Oil”

The concept of peak oil is when you demand more oil and you find less oil so this mean demand of oil will continue to increase while supply decreases.

4. What are 4 main issues or problems associated with our use of energy?

The issue of energy security was an unbalanced of productivity of energy resource and human demand.

smaller country risk of energy poverty- lack of energy facilities lead to many problem such as cannot provide a good healthcare for the rural area.

increasing demand the rise of population and run out of population

depletion of natural resource- run out of energy resource

5. Who are the main net importers of oil in the South East Asian region? Do you think Thailand is highly dependent on global oil markets? explain. south east asia region

SIngapore is number one net importer of oil in south east asias. Thailand is not independent in oil supply because we cannot produce enough oil to supply our own demand.

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